in memoriam 

Paul Silber


Am 28. Juni  2022 ist das Ehrenmitglied unseres stimmfeld-Vereins Paul Silber im Alter von 84 Jahren verstorben. 

Paul war für viele Mitglieder des Vereins der erste Lehrer des Roy Hart Theatres und gemeinsam mit seiner Frau Clara Silber hat er nicht nur unsere Stimmen, sondern auch unsere Lebenswege geprägt. Die Begegnung mit Paul war für viele für uns ein entscheidendes Erlebnis.

Ohne ihn würde es stimmfeld e.V. und das Ensemble KörperSchafftKlang nicht geben. 

Wir sind sehr traurig und zugleich dankbar, dass wir Paul kennen durften. 

Danke Paul! Deine Stimme ist für immer in unseren Ohren und Herzen.

On 28th of June  2022 the honorable member of stimmfeld-association Paul Silber passed away at the age of 84. For many members of our association Paul has been the first teacher of the Roy Hart Theatre and together with his wife Clara Silber he not only shaped our voices but our lives. 

Meeting Paul was a crucial experience for many of us.

Without him, stimmfeld e.V. and the ensemble KörperSchafftKlang would not exist. 

We are very sad and at the same time grateful that we were privileged to know Paul. 

Thank you Paul! Your voice is forever in our ears and our hearts.

When I met Paul the first time in a voice workshop in Cologne/Germany it became soon evident to me that here was someone who was able to tell me things that I needed to hear – in a way that made it possible to me to listen and to understand. Paul became my teacher for life and later our relationship developed into a friendship that lasted until the end. Thank you, Paul for your love, your generosity and for being my teacher and my friend. 

Ralf Peters

Paul as a teacher

I remember that he said to me once: All the really important things in life you cannot teach. I think he is right and his way of teaching that was in my experience always supportive and demanding at the same time, shows how much he knew his job as a teacher.

He used all his wild and demanding energies not to force you to do something he had in mind but to give you the chance to make a decision and a „vocal action“ yourself. He wasn´t interested to make you feel comfortable but to bring you in connection with yourself. Not everybody could deal with this form of teaching, but so much people who stood in front of Paul at the piano felt that they were provoked to move closer to some aspect of their self or life or voice that was waiting to be alive for so long. (Supported by Clara´s integrative strategies.) Often a life-changing experience.

And then when you were ready to let your voice be present he enjoyed so much to sing with you. How much versions of summertime have I sang with him? And how much have I heard in a duet with Paul and somebody else? And it was always different, new and touching.

As a teacher Paul was only interested in serious issues, but he knew so well that singing with joy is one of them.

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